Food Truck Fridays: Off the Grid

Friday equals Food Trucks.

Every week, all the best food trucks come to Fort Mason in a gathering called Off the Grid. I, however, like to call it Off the Charts or Off the Shizzam~*~*~. Everything there is SO good.
I usually go to three or four different food trucks per Off the Grid, ordering one thing from each. Honestly, if I had all the time in the world and there was no such thing as being “over your BMI,” I would go to every single food truck and eat everything they have to offer.

Tip: Take cash or go to the ATM, which is located in one of the big buildings.

Fun fact: My friends and I would go every Friday, and then go back to our apartment “full” but then start eat cheese and crackers and more spoonfuls of nutella. Not to say that Off the Grid wasn’t satisfying, but my friends and I just like to eat…

My top picks:

  • 3-Sum Eats
  • Kung Fu Taco (I almost cried when I had their duck burrito)

So get going!! Don’t get turned off by the fact that your food is being served from trucks rather than kitchens!!

Mac N Cheese Spring Roll (3-Sum Eats)

Duck Taco (Kung Fu Taco)

Check out for more food pictures taken by yours truly!!

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