Biking in the French Countryside

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I hate the country. I’ve told myself and my friends and family that I am living in a city, that I’m a city girl, that I love the hustle and bustle that comes with being in an urban environment. But today, I went on a bike ride with my friends through the French countryside and for a moment, I could picture myself living there. We biked 21 kilometers to the Chateau Villandry and 21 kilometers back, through cornfields and along the River Cher, and fields frosted with golden hay barrels, our skin and countryside reflecting the sun.

When we got to the chateau, we had a little picnic of baguettes, cheese, prosciutto, and chocolate biscuits. It could have been a dream.

One thought on “Biking in the French Countryside

  1. I really cannot tell you how envious I am. I cycled up South Western French coast, near Gironde, a few years ago – and loved it. Cycling past a group of nudists was…interesting.

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