Kim Anh: Rice in a Sea of Baguettes

After some traumatizing WebMDing, I needed things of the comforting and familiar sort, just for some mental calm (I’m absolutely fine – turns out I don’t have appendicitis or colon cancer, PHEW). If you’re Asian, or at least Korean, you know that every so often, you crave Asian food like some sort of addict (you know what I’m talking about, fellow Asians), and I had yet to have any in Paris. In an emoticon, I was: o_O (tweaking).

Praise the lord, hail Mary, I had the opportunity to go to Michelin 2-star Kim Anh, a gourmet Vietnamese restaurant. The service was very quick and efficient, just one woman working all of the tables (it must be those fine motor skills), and the food was very clean, fresh and exactly what I needed.

An Asian without rice is like (insert race + racist stereotype here). After this meal, I was: ^_^.

Slightly Flavored Fried Rice Chips (a nice change from bread)

Steamed Roll Ravioli  (flat, steamed dumplings, with a fancy, Westernized name)

Rice Chicken Casserole with Ginger

Shrimp with Glutinous Rice (sticky rice, hints of ginger, my favorite)

Hanoi Soup (Fancy Pho)

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