Jardin Jeudi et Thé Thursday

The whole alliteration thing would work better if it were Thé Tuesdays (th is pronounced like “t” in French), but you get the picture. My little French family (group of girlfrands) and I decided we would hit up La Grande Mosquée, one of the mosques in Paris, where they serve tea and food. We chose to go at 4 o’ clock because we’re just so accomodating and that’s when our white Zimbabwean friend has tea time at home (a lot of her family is from the U.K.)…slash “Karen, you can’t just ask people why they’re white!!” Most people do, in fact, ask why that friend is white after they hear that she’s from Zimbabwe, but c’est la vie. (I swear she’s ok with these jokes, however politically incorrect they are…at least I hope she is…whatever, I’ll throw in a “herro” to take a stab at being Asian).

We’ve decided, or at least I’ve decided, that Thursdays will be deemed tea time at La Grande Mosquée (or maybe other tea rooms, as well, but I can’t think that far ahead considering I have the memory of a little blue fish). We found ourselves walking through one of the most beautiful outdoor patios into a beautiful Middle Eastern architectural treasure. Most of my friends ordered two, but I got too excited and ordered three West Asian pastries, one of them being baklava. We sat down at a table with a golden surface, and we each ordered a small glass of sweet tea. It’s actually a bit ironic that we girls were in a mosque having tea because normally, women aren’t allowed in the mosques…but let’s not worry about that now…

After our lovely tea time, we went just across the street into Jardin des Plantes, a very spacious, geometric garden with a greenhouse, a collection of animals, and a labyrinth with a beautiful gazebo grazing the sky. It was a very picturesque afternoon.

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