La Chambre aux Confitures

Since I’ve gotten to France, one of my new favorite things is confiture. It’s very similar to jam, but there is also chocolate confiture, nut confitures, and the classic fruit confitures. I’ve been lucky enough that at both of my host families’ homes, they make their own home-made confiture. But my friend and I were walking around the Marais (I go there almost every day whether it be to sit at a café and write or to shop or for falafels), and we stumbled upon La Chambre aux Confitures. As soon as we walked in, I literally jumped up and down and gave an enthusiastic “Oh. My. God,” and my friend was just as excited. The young woman working there laughed out loud at our reactions and was one of the most pleasant salespeople I had ever come across. She theatrically gave us taste after taste of different flavors, when both my friend and I finally chose to buy “Chataigne,” which is chestnut. She told us we could eat it in a crêpe, on bread, or just by the spoonful. For those of you studying abroad in Paris or visiting, if not for the actually confiture, go for the specificity and charm of the shop. 

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