Tapas on Tapas…in Paris

Imagine a tropical night buried in the warm sand, sipping a dark sangria and closing your eyes to absorb the last rays of vitamin D as the sunsets along the horizon line…and tapas. This was my experience a few days ago…but in Paris. Here is why everybody should find and love tapas wherever they are:

  • You get to taste bits of everything
  • You can keep ordering and ordering so if those bits of everything aren’t enough, you get to have more of whatever you deemed the best
  • Tapas restaurants usually serve some spankin’ sangria
  • Portion control…kind of

Why this sudden plug for tapas? My friend took me to a tapas place in Paris called Casa San Pablo, right in the Marais. It happened to be a rainy day outside, so the cozy, warm, dimly lit interior won me over. We ordered little glasses of sangria and five different tapas, including balls of fried ham and cheese, cheesy tomato bread, calamari, and potatoes in spicy sauce. In the true spirit of tapas, I went ahead and ordered another plate of the fried balls of ham and cheese (“croquettes de jambon”) because they were the best things I had ever had. It was so relaxing and warm that I could have napped. I highly recommend this cute little spot, but I also recommend tapas in general.

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