I Ate a Lot in London

I’ve honestly loved every city I’ve traveled to this semester. But London is by far the only city I could see myself living in. And I’m going to live there. It was my shortest trip and I had been there before, but I want to go back. Maybe it was the fact that everybody there spoke English or maybe it was that corners and spots reminded me so much of Manhattan, but I could’ve stayed there the rest of this semester. I had such a great time, thanks in part to all of the great meals I had with people who actually really appreciate food (almost as much as I do…concept). London is not yet considered a foodie city, but it seems to be on the rise. France is obviously known as a culinary haven, but London is so much more international that I think it has a lot of potential to compete with the likes of San Francisco and New York as a foodie destination.

Teatime at Bea’s Bloomsbury – if you feed my scones and clotted cream, you will be my best friend

Byron’s Burgers – very solid burgers (although UMAMI burger in LA has the best burgers I’ve ever had in my life)

Tonkotsu – Japanese Ramen – might be a new obsession

Myung-ga – Korean food heals my soul (Seoul?!) – clearly was craving Kimchi since the two things I ordered were Kimchi Pancake (김치전) and Kimchi Fried Rice

Fork – lovely, light brunch

Apart from the food, I also loved London because it’s the homeland of HARRY POTTER and because they start Christmas very early.

I wish I could just apparate to London whenever I wanted…

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