Kappo Yokomori 캇포 요꼬모리

My dad opened his third restaurant in Seoul called Kappo Yokomori 캇포 요꼬모리 (Yokomori for short héhé) back in early November, and it seems to be quite the hit. It’s in the basement of his first one Sushi Matsumoto 스시마쯔모토, and the concept is a little more casual than that and Juan 쥬안. It’s another Japanese restaurant, but a “knife and fire” concept – everything can be made using knives and/or, well, fire. The menu is much more extensive as well, giving the visitor more choice and comfort. You can also be sure to run into any Korean celebrity here or at Sushi Matsumoto 😉 Anyway, here’s a first look from yours truly!!


The beer was DELICIOUS 🙂


Guinness-flavored Ice Cream, believe it or not!!



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