Galleria Gourmet 494 aka HEAVEN ON EARTH

Call 911 because I think I’m in a food coma. Oh god – I’m so sorry – that was embarrassing. This is what happens when all you’ve been doing is eating – literally non-stop eating. People were worried that my gastronomical saga would end after I returned from Paris – NOPE. NOPE.

It just so happens that the department store right down the street renovated and opened a completely new food court called Gourmet 494. Definitely a curse and a blessing. It’s not the type of food court that first comes to mind, not “mall food.” It’s very luxurious and all of the options are branches of the most famous and popular restaurants in Seoul (including my dad’s Sushi Matsumoto, héhéhé), from Mexican food, to Korean food, to Hamburgers, to Pizza. My friend Joey and I sat in there, the other day, just eating non-stop for two hours.


It’s the perfect place to go if you and your friends want different things because you can each order different things but eat it together. Foodie heaven 🙂 PLUS THEY HAVE WI-FI.

Vatos – Mexican

IMG_9765 IMG_9766

Brooklyn Burgers


Buzza – Pizza


코다리 – Korean


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