21 Resolutions and Advice for the New Year

1. Love what you’re eating – don’t think of everything as a calorie or a health benefit – think of it as yummy, delicious food that will make you happy

2. Stop talking behind other peoples’ backs

3. Learn to tell a friend when you’re bothered or annoyed by something he or she is doing

4. Stop obsessing over having a zillion friends and everybody liking you, and learn to keep those who actually care and those you actually like

5. Exercise plenty – it’s the best way to keep your body vitalized and healthy

6. Try to set an alarm for the weekdays, regardless of what time your first class is

7. Stop making promises you can’t keep instead of flaking on everything

8. Instead of spending time after a meal in front of the TV or computer, go on a walk

9. Drink a glass of orange juice every morning

10. Moisturize

11. Save money for traveling

12. Eat at least one dessert a day

13. Go out to lunch or dinner with a friend at least once a week

14. Don’t settle

15. Call your parents at least once a week

16. Appreciate your classes because the American university education system is one of the best in the world, whether you know that or not

17. Try not to be so sensitive

18. Go with the flow a little more instead of being dissatsfied with what comes your way

19. Surround yourself with bright and positive people

20. Drink wine at least twice a week

21. Kiss and hug those you love a little more 🙂

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