High Times at High Horse

Going to Val, our dining hall, has been far more anti-climactic than I expected. I was really excited to be in control in terms of deciding when I eat and what exactly I eat. However, college food just isn’t that great…although I can occasionally make a mean wrap.

IMG_0786But I went out to High Horse, a new brewhouse on Pleasant Street that replaced the old ABC, after hearing only good things about it, both as a bar and for the Nachos and Sweet Potato Fries. I LOVED it!! Definitely one of the best things that has happened to Amherst in terms of food. It’s all American, comfort food – burgers, flat bread pizzas, fries, nachos, and some good old beers. I ordered a Lady K beer, the Mac N Cheese (DELICIOUS), and Sweet Potato Fries. I also got to have a taste of some of my friends’ dishes such as the Nachos, which were smothered in cheese, sour cream, pulled pork, guacamole, and the Boneless Ribs. Everything was really good – I highly recommend it!!


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