Johnny’s Tavern: Classic Goodness

Contrary to popular belief, I do not have a very well-rounded knowledge of food around Amherst. I was generally just very cynical of what type of gastronomical prowess I could find in the middle of nowhere Western Massachusetts (I still very much avoid the seafood and sushi). However, after having spent the Fall semester in Paris, culinary heaven on earth, I’ve tried to find the best in everything, from restaurants to people, but that’s another story for another time.

I was graciously invited out to dinner with one of my friends and her family, and when I asked where we would be eating, she said “Johnny’s Tavern.” I had literally never heard of this place that was supposedly right behind Amherst Chinese, before. It was like Shadow Amherst, but a restaurant…

Other than the fact that I was with one of my favorite families, the food was DELICIOUS and the service was really above what I would ever expect around Amherst – really attentive and genuine. I highly recommend you visit if you haven’t been – good, high quality, classic American and comfort food. I’ve already discovered my favorites as the Calamari (the perfectly fried seafood served with the aioli sauce melts in your mouth) and the Chicken Tortilla Salad. The salad is actually very filling and delicious. Other favorites include the Truffle Fries (the aroma of the truffle oil is hypnotizing) and any of the Flatbreads.


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