Celebrating Chelsea’s 21 at 30 Boltwood

One of my dearest friends Chelsea turned 21 not too long ago, and after having celebrated with friends, we went and celebrated with her family at 30 Boltwood at the Lord Jeff Inn. Her family is one of the most fun, lively, vibrant, bright families I know – it’s very clear where Chelsea gets it from.



We were seated in a little sitting room where we started off with a charcuterie platter including cheese, paté, cured meats, and some delicious hummus. If you want to win me over, I’m a huge sucker for these charcuterie plates.


After this starter, we moved over to the long table in the private room where we enjoyed a delicious meal. I’ve been to 30 Boltwood a few times, and I’m never disappointed. I ordered my go-to “Misty Knoll” Chicken Breast, while one of my friends ordered the Sea Scallops, which were just too pretty not to include in this post. For dessert, we shared a Molten Chocolate Cake, soaked in a warm berry sauce that just melted off the sides.


Such a fun dinner – my face was hurting from laughing so much. Eating good food with good people since ’92 🙂

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