Zen: Asians are the Best


This is just proof that Asians do it best. If I could go for every single meal, I would. My friends and I went to an Asian fusion restaurant in Northampton called Zen. These are two of the same friends who were in Paris with me the last semester, so it was great to catch up with them. Northampton is about fifteen minutes away by car, so it’s actually very easy to grab a yummy meal there in a livelier, more colorful part of middle-of-nowhere-Massachusetts.

I happened to be craving Asian food and one of my friends recommended Zen. Great life choice. You just can’t go wrong with Asian fusion – the best of every type of Asian cuisine under one, chic roof. I highly recommend Zen – the prices were very reasonable considering the quality of the food and atmosphere. I can safely say, I hadn’t been that full and satisfied in a long time, but even so, I was about ready to steal all of the Korean food off of the table next to us…if it were socially acceptable. I just never get tired of Asian food, and neither should you!!…

**The Asian boys working there were also not too hard on the eyes… 😉

Iced Thai Tea


Zen Sampler: Steamed Vegetable Dumplings, Fried Chicken Dumplings, Shrimp Shumai, Curry Fries with a Wonton Basket of Asian SlawIMG_2855

East Meets West: Korean BBQ Marinated NY Strip, Avocado and Onion Maki. Topped with Spicy Tuna and ScallionIMG_2858

For those of you Amherst students, it’s really worth making the trip to Northampton occasionally. It’s a great way to get off campus without having to go as far as Boston or New York, and there are some really great, hidden gems, from restaurants to shops.

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