Queens Park: Ajuma Central

Whenever I’m scoping around the internet or Foursquare, I see that all the Korean girls go to this place called Queens Park in Seoul. I then asked one of my friends about it and he said it’s where all the ajumas go. For those of you who don’t know what an ajuma is, an ajuma is a sort of character in Korean society – middle-aged woman who are undeniably fierce. They’re the ones who shove you down if they see something on sale and there’s only one left, the ones who gossip and chatter away much too loudly in public places. There are jolly ones and there are ones who are terrifying. But there are so many types of ajumas that it’s hard to characterize them in a single way. Here’s a portrait of one, especially unsmiling one:

IMG_3613Anyway, these are the specimen that make up the Queens Park demographic. So since I’m probably going to end up being an ajuma later in life, I decided to go with some of my other friends, who will also be ajumas.

True to its reputation, there were many ajumas. But there were also younger girls with their friends and couples enjoying brunch, like ourselves. The interior was brightly, naturally lit and clean. It was a very pleasant, lovely setting. Perfectly feminine. IMG_3588

My friends and I decided to share French Toast, Eggs Benedict, and Blueberry Pancakes. Everything was very good but surprisingly filling. IMG_3604 IMG_3605IMG_3591IMG_3607They also have a bangin’ pastry selection at the front of the restaurant, which you can take to go. Apparently the Blueberry Muffins are quite good. Considering how good they look, I would fully believe that. IMG_3603It’s a beautiful place to go with your girlfrands to get a classic brunch. I’ll be wearing a crown there next time I go…hehe…


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