Sunday Brunch Reinstated: Northern Spy Food Co.

Sunday Summer Brunches have finally begun!! I arrived in Manhattan on Saturday night and the first thing I did the next morning besides wake up WAY TOO early was go to brunch with some of dearest homies. Since this is my first summer in the city, I’m not too familiar with a lot of eateries other than the ones I always go to when I visit (Magnolia Bakery for Banana Pudding…). So I asked my friend to decide for us. She gave me two adjectives to narrow it down from: trendy or chill. I said trendy (that could be a whole personality test!!). Based on that, we met at Northern Spy Food Co. in the East Village.

It’s a very small, farm-to-table restaurant that offers locally grown goods based on season and quality. If I tell you that there are several things with kale on the menu, I think you could put together a pretty solid picture what type of restaurant this is. As a drink, we ordered classic and very brunchy mimosas. I ordered a Fuji Apple Mimosa, while my friends ordered Strawberry Rhubarb Mimosas (I believe rhubarb is in season).IMG_3730I use Foursquare a lot because I want to be mayor of everywhere, and sometimes there are specials that can be unlocked if I check-in at a specific place. But I mostly use it for tips. I read over and over again for tips at Northern Spy Food Co. that the biscuits are to die for, and that they are the best biscuits in New York City. We didn’t get the biscuits.

Just kidding, we did. And they were SO warm and SO soft and SO buttery. I HIGHLY recommend them.

IMG_3713For my main dish, I ordered a Cheddar Kale Salad with Fried Eggs on top. I’ve said it before, but I love eggs with just about anything. Although it was incredibly delicious, I ended up finishing my other friend’s Polenta and Eggs, because Kale just doesn’t quite do it for me. IMG_3731

I really recommend this neighborhood spot. I’m sure it’s great in the spring, but especially in the summer, because they have large, open windows and a beautiful interior and exterior, perfect for some healthy and light fare. Make sure to be on time though because they won’t seat you until your whole party is there, or make a reservation. The service was also wonderful. Our server was really friendly and funny 🙂

A perfect first Sunday brunch.

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