Oh My Goshen!! :]

I absolutely love sitting in cafés, whether it be with friends or alone. The Europeans got that concept right. So after a delicious meal at Kappo Yokkomori (post to come), my friends and I met up with another friend at Goshen. It’s a very posh café in Cheongdam-dong in Seoul. 

The desserts are high quality and the atmosphere is very laid-back but definitely a little posh. I would have stayed there for hours. The menu is also very nice – a variety of hot drinks and cold teas, along with beautiful desserts, such as the cheesecake:

IMG_3530 And a Korean specialty, Red Bean Shaved Ice or 팥빙수. Red Bean Shaved Ice doesn’t do justice to the actually dish. The shaved ice is either frozen, sweet condensed milk, or shaved ice with sweet condensed milk drizzled into it. On top, red bean and sweet mochi are piled on, sometimes, even ice cream, which makes it the most wonderful summer dessert. IMG_3528

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