Babbo Ristorante: The Best Pasta in NYC

If you’re going to Babbo, you aren’t a babbo (바보) – look that up, and you’ll understand the genius of my punnery.

Whenever I go to restaurants with friends, since we all like to eat like hippos, we joke that we are going to order the whole menu. It’s usually funny and we just end up a much more reasonable portion – baby elephant. However, the same family friends who took me to ABC Kitchen took me to Babbo. I don’t even know why I was surprised, but we ended up ordering the whole menu. They asked me what looked good on the menu, and so to give them a lot of options, I went through and said about 85% of them…and we ordered all of them. And then I’m pretty sure we ordered literally all of the pastas. 

We even played pasta roulette…as in we passed around the plates non-stop so we could get a taste of everything. 

I don’t think you or I have the time to go in-depth with all of the dishes, but basically, everything was amazing. Now I understand why reservations are practically impossible to get. The place was still hoppin’ even at midnight. The presentation of the starters and desserts were great, but not necessarily so for the pasta. But for once, I didn’t care because the taste and the quality completely dissolved any importance presentation might normally have. The food was authentic and it seems like the restaurant was run by real love. The service, food, and ambiance were all wonderful and warm.

I HIGHLY recommend Babbo Ristorante. It’s another one of Mario Battali’s gems. Such a treat. Needless to say, this and ABC Kitchen were in the first five days back, and I’ve been spoiled for the rest of the summer in terms of food.

Also, I never use other people’s food photos, and I’m very stubborn about it. But this time, I needed some of my friend Danny Chun’s photos (instagram: dbchun). I wouldn’t use anybody else’s photos, but he takes really good ones, from food, to coffee, to cats. So thanks Danny!! 🙂

IMG_3842 IMG_3813 IMAG0251_edit0Stinging Nettle Pasta – amazing – I had never heard of the herb until this, and it’s very flavorful and freshIMAG0258_edit0 IMAG0260_edit0 IMAG0262_edit0 IMAG0263_edit0This Mint Lamb Ravioli was probably one of my favoritesIMG_3858 IMG_3852 IMG_3850 IMG_3848IMG_3856 IMG_3862 STRAWBERRY ICE CREAM WITH AGED BALSAMIC – MY NEW FAVORITE FLAVOR COMBINATIONIMG_3861PhotoGrid_1371762008296[1] PhotoGrid_1371761904005[1]

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