21 Pieces of Advice I Was Given Just Yesterday

1. Life is short and long

2. Learn about compound interest

3. People around you make all the difference

4. Stay open-minded

5. Experience all cultures – Eastern, Western…

6. Stay positive

7. Even when things get tough, there are so many other things you need to think, do, and experience

8. Don’t worry about what other people think of you – they really don’t care about you as much as they talk – they only really think about themselves

9. Life is fun

10. The world is wide

11. You will be surprised to find out how good life is

12. You will also be surprised to see how different and difficult peoples’ lives can be

13. Experience as much as you can

14. Strength

15. Decide where you want to be first and then find a job

16. Growing up is inevitable, so don’t fear it

17. Money does have importance

18. Save money

19. Be assertive

20. Only after you are physically, mentally, and financially independent should you find a significant other

21. Don’t be the frog in the small well.

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