Bouchon Bakery: “…”

Me: –Creative name for Bouchon Bakery? Or a creative tag to go along with it?

The Weirdest Guy I Know, Ever: –You can bouche my bakery every day 😉
-I wanna get my bouche on dem baked goods
-or get those baked goods in and around my bouche

Bouchon Bakery in the Time Warner Center is one of my absolute favorite places to eat in the city. It is the place of many memories, including the first time I met my first college roommate.


You cannot go wrong there. No matter what you order, it is going to be amazing. In fact, some of the menu items sound a bit uninteresting, but they make these common items, such as a Grilled Cheese with Tomato Soup, the best thing you’ve ever had (Queen B!!)

IMG_2391Bouchon also maintains its quality by keeping separate seasonal menus. For example, I can’t seem to catch it all the time, but there’s the Peanut Butter and Jelly Macaron (I think it’s an autumn specialty), and I also recently went and had their variation of a Kale Salad, which I think was around as a seasonal dish for the summer. As a drink, I had a drink called something along the lines of “Summer Cool.”

IMG_4528 IMG_4527My friends and I also shared a chicken Soup with Herb Dumplings, and Salmon Rilettes. Amazing, amazing, amazing. The chicken soup doesn’t even look that pretty, but it was very flavorful, and I think it would be perfect especially in the fall or winter. I think these might be year-round, but I’m not positive.  IMG_4531 IMG_4530

There’s also a Bouchon Bakery by the Rockefeller Center, where I recently got two macarons and an iced chai. Since we don’t have the luxury of a fresh Ladurée or Pierre Hermés, I would say Bouchon is the best place for a fresh, good quality, local macaron. I got a Caramel macaron, which just tasted like caramel in macaron form, and a Funfetti macaron, which was fun. IMG_4664IMG_4663 Aside from the seated restaurant area, there’s also a mini café where you can buy their sandwiches, soups, and other baked goods. Also, on the top floor of the building is Per Se, same chef, different and much more high-end concept. So if you feel like getting the deliciousness of a Thomas Keller restaurant, but not Per Se…per se…go here!

IMG_5345 IMG_5338

I try to go as often as possible and would probably just live in their kitchen if I could. I have yet to fall out of passionate love for the place and the food, so don’t let it be the best thing you never had!! (I’m in a Beyoncé mood, so I just felt like including that so I include the following video).

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