Weekend Eats in the City

Some goods I’ve enjoyed on weekends throughout the summer:

Sicilian Pasta – River Deli (one of my new favorite places in the city)

IMG_4983Chicken Pad Thai – SpiceIMG_5052 Andaman Dumplings – SpiceIMG_5051Arepas – CaracasIMG_4747 IMG_4748American Gangster – Big Gay Ice Cream (Yes, that is the name of the ice cream store) IMG_4769Bea Arthur – Big Gay Ice CreamIMG_4851Fries – Pomme FritesIMG_4426Chicken Prego – Jack’s Wife FredaIMG_4582Kunjip 큰집IMG_5383 IMG_4783IMG_5362Omelette – Le Pain QuotidienIMG_5019Bread Basket – Le Pain QuotidienIMG_5020
Tuscan White Bean & Prosciutto
with diced tomatoes, scallions, arugula, shaved Parmesan and basil croutons – Le Pain QuotidienIMG_4799

Watermelon Soju – Pocha 32IMG_5095Smoke Shack – Shake ShackIMG_4625Margherita and Tequila Shots – El Cantinero IMG_5432 IMG_5429Sticky Bun – Third Rail Coffee (Check out the full review on this East Village café) IMG_5390Shaved Ice – People’s PopsIMG_4803Croque Anaïs – La Maison du Croque MonsieurIMG_5114I’m personally very hungry now

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