How to Cope in NYC

The title is misleading. By “cope,” I meant the abbreviation for Copenhagen. Heh…

My friend who had studied abroad in Copenhagen took me and one other friend to a Danish restaurant for brunch called Aamanns-Copenhagen.

They specialize in smørrebrød (don’t make me pronounce that), a traditional Danish dish with various ingredients on top of rye bread.

IMG_5479We all also happen to be cheese lovers, so we ordered a platter of cheese. Everything was on these beautiful, translucent platters. IMG_5470And we also ordered a salad. It was very delicate and light, but flavorful. I also loved the colors and presentation.IMG_5473 The interior of the restaurant is extremely clean cut and perfect, just like Copenhagen, and it makes for a well-lit, pleasant meal time. The portions aren’t huge though, so nobody would judge you if you ate a cheeseburger beforehand. 😛

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