Mercer Kitchen, Have Mercy ;)

Over the summer, I became obsessed with going to every Jean-Georges restaurant. He’s an incredibly talented chef and business man, and has created a restaurant empire. His restaurants range from ABC Kitchen, a restaurant with ties to an interior design shop, to Perry St., an elegant restaurant with beautiful blends of French, American, and Asian cuisine. All of the restaurants are top-notch and high quality, which is extremely difficult to maintain and generally rare.

So I made it my goal to go to as many of his restaurants as I could go to or afford. I only made it to three of them: Perry St., ABC Kitchen, and finally, Mercer Kitchen. Maybe because the Asian influence was clearest and strongest, but every dish my friend and I shared was beyond amazing.

We actually initially ordered three dishes to share between the two of us, which included:

Soft Shell Crab Tempura with Sugar Snap Pea Remoulade


Salmon with Crispy Sushi Rice, Chipotle Mayo and Ponzu – this was AMAZING and probably one of the best dishes I had in New York City. Absolutely my type of food, flavoring, and textureIMG_3424

Tuna Spring Roll with Soy Bean PuréeIMG_3425

But then of course, being myself and my friend, we were still pretty hungry. So we decided to order one more dish grâce à recommendation of the waiter, the Steam Shrimp Salad with Avocado, Mushroom and Tomato, Champagne Vinaigrette. Oh. My. Sweet. Jesus. I was not expecting a salad to that delicious, but the champagne vinaigrette was sultry and beautiful and I love avocado and if a salad could ever melt in your mouth, this one did.

IMG_3428 To cap off our amazing meal, we ordered a dessert recommended by our already wonderful waiter Butterscotch Pudding with Salted Caramel and Creme Fraiche. Another food/mouth-gasm. My friend and I looked at each other as if we had found our one true love and politely but aggressively tried to get as many bites of this sweet and salty dessert as possible. (Sorry about the blurriness – I think was about to poop my pants from happiness, so I didn’t really take the time to sharpen.) IMG_3429I highly highly HIGHLY recommend Mercer Kitchen. The interior is modern and sleek, and the atmosphere is chic, but the range of visitors covered families to couples to older folk or French businessmen. IMG_3430

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