Chewing and Chirring in Connecticut

The last week of my internship, two of my friends super graciously hosted me from Darien and Westport, Connecticut, giving me a nice commute from the suburbs to the city.

I had been living large in NYC, eating at some of the trendiest and most delicious restaurants, but I was so pleasantly surprised by my eating experiences in Connecticut, and I am now obsessed with both of these towns. They both remind me of a preppier version of my hometown, but just as clean, wonderful, and charming.

Although I actually was supposed to start my stay in Darien on a Monday night, I actually ended up taking a very, VERY spontaneous train ride up and ended up having my first meal at a weirdly authentic Mexican restaurant. It was very bustling and the food was SO good. We started off with some housemade guacamole served in a stone bowl, which disappeared in maybe two seconds. We then ordered an assortment of some of the highest quality hard tacos I’ve ever had. IMG_5802IMG_5817But the highlight of the meal had to be these grilled?roasted? brussel sprouts. Brussel sprouts are questionable territory, but these were so perfectly seasoned and roasted that I forgot they were brussel sprouts…IMG_5809

Aside from that very spontaneous trip, my first meal was in the very quiet town of Darien, where I got the most delicious Lobster Mac N Cheese. I’m a sucker for anything Mac N Cheese…so this was gold. I had leftovers, but I left them in my friend’s fridge. So sad.

IMG_5841The next night, I was treated to a meal at home!!!! Which was especially legendary because I ate out pretty much every meal (to my parents’ dismay). It was soooo good. My friend’s lil’ sis made the most delicious, classic Caprese Salad. She presented it beautifully and perfectly. IMG_5891Following that was a very American meal, fried onion rings, steak and corn!!IMG_5893 IMG_5894As much as I go out to eat, I always love meals at home the best 🙂

Mid-week, I moved from Darien to Westport, just a couple of trainstops down. My first meal with my Westport friend was at a very authentic Venenzuelan restaurant called Valencia Luncheria, where I had an assortment of arepas. IMG_5948I was honestly very surprised at how diverse my meals were in Connecticut, which, quite frankly, I had seen as a very sterile sort of Suburbia. Some of my most memorable meals were definitely in that one week, and that’s saying a lot considering I had been in Manhattan, home of Jean-Georges and Thomas Keller, for the whole summer.

Hope to visit again soon to experience some more wonderful meals.

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