Murray’s Cheese Bar: All Cheese Everythang

I LOVE cheese. If I’m ever craving something, it’s probably going to be cheese. Or something with cheese in it – a calzone, mac n cheese, or even just some truffle cheese (Aline, I miss you!!) and crackers.

Every time I go out to a restaurant, I am usually deciding between a normal dish and anything with cheese. I can’t even describe to you how happy it makes me when there is a cheese plate with charcuterie on the menu at a restaurant. And if there’s Mac N Cheese, I generally give up any sense of sophistication for that classic yet kiddie dish.

So I quite literally screamed out loud when I heard that there was a place called Murray’s Cheese Bar in the West Village in NYC. It was my dream come true.

Another fellow cheese lover and I decided to go to this cheesy haven, where we ordered a customizable cheese plate. We told our server our preferences and she passed them on to the chef, who then catered to our exact tastes, matching the cheese with meats and wines.

It surprises some people, but I have always struggled with blue cheese (it sounds like I have some weird gassy condition)…but I could never quite handle it. But my homedog told me I would love it. So we asked for at least two blue cheeses on the plate. Oh. My. God. I feel like I had been depriving myself of the most beautifully flavorful thing in the world for so long. It’s definitely an acquired taste, but if you can get your hands (tongue?) on good quality blue cheese, your taste buds will thank you.

So a few things to get out of this:

1) Go to Murray’s Cheese Bar. It’s a little overpriced, but the concept is wonderful.

2) Eat cheese (if you don’t have a weirdy phobia of it the way one of my friends does … fist or pound?)

3) Take the risk and try blue cheese.

Kale salad with…cheese…kale became one of my obsessions over the summer (betch pleezzee)

IMG_3418 Heaven.IMG_3419 That’s a generous hunk of buratta cheese, very similar to mozzarella but softerIMG_3420Also just wanted to note how much I’m missing New York City. The end.

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