One of the Best Meals of My Life: Gilligan’s Clam Bar and Grill

I am often asked the question: “How do you eat so much?” I normally just flip my hair. But if there is one person that eats more than I do, it is none other than Kaitlin Silkowitz. I ain’t got NOTHIN’ on her. I don’t understand how she’s not 40000 pounds (kilograms, if you will). IMG_6704

So a while back at some point during the summer, I had seen a photo on my friend’s Instagram of Buffalo Calamari. If you know me, buffalo anything is my shit. So from that point on, eating that buffalo calamari was my goal in life. Only at the end of the summer did the opportunity come up for me to follow my dreams.

The time was now.

I visited one of my funniest friends Kaitlin, the master of this legendary Instagram photo that had fueled my existence and hard work this summer, and she took me to Gilligan’s Clam Bar and Grill, the perfect place to throw back a Corona and soak in the tacky, tropical deco.

People joke about eating until they explode or vomit, and although I didn’t actually throw up, I almost did. We ordered SO much food.

Do not dare get me wrong. It was probably one of the most memorable meals of the summer. But here is what we ordered (also based on some fantastic recs from Bob-money):

The most amazing Lobster Bisque ever – I think summer is lobster season on the East Coast. We also could have ordered cups, but we decided to go big or go home and ordered a huge bowl each. This picture doesn’t do it justice.

IMG_6693BUFFALO CALAMARI – It was better than I had dreamed. Like literally amazing. I ate most of it. I will never forget the taste. Never forget.IMG_6705Umm…Mac N Cheese Pizza. Need I say more? No. I answered for you.IMG_6697We also ordered a whole lobster and clams, but I think my stomach and head were in a state of shock, or maybe at this point my stomach had exploded, so I don’t think I got it together enough to take a picture. But the point is, WE ORDERED A WHOLE LOBSTER ALONG WITH ALL OF THE FOOD ABOVE…FOR THE TWO OF US.

It might have been the best meal of my life. Seriously, it is up there. It also helps that she is one of my favorite people to eat with. Also, dear everyone ever, I think I know where Kaitlin’s bubble butt comes from…

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