How To Make Val Decent, Take 1: The Baked Potato

After three years at Amherst, I’ve had to learn the subtle art of making Valentine Hall to my taste. As much as I love Jambalaya (I don’t), I have to be a little more creative sometimes. The other day my friend Claire came over to the table with a baked potato, and it looked and smelled super good. I always see the whole baked potatoes in the lighter side section but don’t even think twice because I don’t know, I’m lazy. But after seeing her magnificent potato, I had to go do the same.

It has changed my life. You just take a full baked potato, split it open, spread butter on it (KEY) and throw on some sour cream, shredded cheese from the salad section, bacon bits, and microwave it. If you’re feeling creative, throw on some sunflower seeds or pasta sauce, which will make it even more textured and tasty. I hollowed the potato out so I could fit in more sour cream and cheese and bacon. The end.


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