Dear Me, Stop Eating. Love, Me.

Here are things I’ve gathered:

1) I should eat more salads.

2) Somebody needs to take me on a date to somewhere that isn’t Miss Saigon or High Horse

3) I need to control myself.

Sometimes I ask my friends if I embarrass them with the number of pictures I take. Responses vary.

Mozzarella Sticks – Ziti’s TrattoriaIMG_7884Ricotta Gnocchi with Duck Meatballs – High HorseIMG_7845 Poutine, Gravy and Melted Cheese on Fries – High HorseIMG_7837 Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza – Antonio’sIMG_7978 Macaroni & Cheese and Creamy Tomato Soup – PaneraIMG_7990 Chicago Deep-Dish Pizza courtesy of Minjeong KooIMG_8003 Taco Bar day at … Val…IMG_7828 Chicken Pad Thai – Miss SaigonIMG_7953 Bulgogi – ArigatoIMG_7762 Pumpkin Cookies courtesy of Kim BrittIMG_7942 Sandwich of Crack – Pappa Charlie’s Deli  (that’s not the real name but I don’t remember the actual name)IMG_7737 Lobster Ravioli – Ziti’s TrattoriaIMG_7907IMG_7904 Avocado Quesadilla Pizza – Antonio’sIMG_8025 Tomato Soup – High HorseIMG_8029 Salmon Teriyaki – Esselon CaféIMG_8040And then sometimes I just feel sorry for myself because my life revolves more around food and nothing else. So I drink. IMG_8039

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