UMAMI Burger in NYC: Flavor Fireworks

Over the summer, I read in the New York Times that a certain UMAMI Burger would be opening in Greenwich Village. A slew of memories came rushing back from a visit to LA a couple of summers ago, notably, a meal at the UMAMI in LA. Ever since I ate there, nothing has been the same. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it there over the summer, but this Thanksgiving break, I FINALLY went!! And it was again one of the most memorable meals I’ve had.

Umami is a Japanese term for a savory taste, translated to “pleasant savory taste.” It is actually one of the five basic tastes amongst sweet, salty, bitter, and sour. UMAMI burger plays off of that by having a selection of foods which may or may not be labeled with “Serious UMAMI Burger Flavor,” which I presume means having a strongly savory and flavorful quality.

My friend Chrisi and I ordered a Truffle Burger, which had the “Serious UMAMI Burger Flavor,” an Ahi Tuna Burger, and Fried Pickles (also with the label). Each and every bite was AMAZING. I don’t have a close up of the Truffle Burger, but here is one my lovely partners-in-eating with the Truffle Burger. It was overwhelmingly flavorful, and creamy, but not too greasy and it was just fireworks in our mouths (We split the two burgers). Unreal. I seriously recommend it.

IMG_9572The Ahi Tuna burger was just as flavorful, with hints of wasabi and a more Asian flair. Also unbelievable. I literally just drooled on my desk. IMG_9569 I had been meaning to try Fried Pickles for a very long time because they had been all the rage over the summer, and thank god I did at UMAMI. They were so flavorful, not too heavy, and just wonderful. Chrisi, who usually doesn’t go for pickles, was into them.

FUN FACT: British people or people with ambiguous accents called pickles “Gherkins.” And that’s why the Gherkin Building in London is called that – because it looks like a pickle!!!!

Anyway, these fried gherkins even came with a great aioli of sorts.IMG_9571

You MUST go (and I’ll go with you). Great service and DELICIOUS food.

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