19 Rando Pieces of Advice

1. Live life simply

2. You’ll probably regret not enjoying your life more than a bad grade

3. Critical thinking is definitely a sign of an intellectual mind, but you don’t have to criticize everything

4. Choose your battles

5. Don’t waste your time on people who don’t make the effort

6. Eat breakfast

7. Don’t act like you’re busier than everyone else – chances are they are just as busy or busier than you

8. Coconut water is a miracle hangover cure

9. Don’t overthink things

10. Don’t take rejection personally – it just means that you aren’t what they were looking for at that time and place – simply a matter of compatibility

11. Travel

12. If you feel even a tickle of a laugh, laugh

13. Overdressing is way better than underdressing

14. Being overly friendly is way better than being underly (ha) friendly

15. Sometimes you have to apologize even if you don’t think you’ve done anything wrong

16. Compliment people – you literally have NOTHING to lose

17. Be generous

18. Be responsive

19. Just be nice.


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