Short Note on Friendship

I was talking with my friend the other day, and she brought up something that I had never considered.

I think it’s really easy to forget that we have needs not only in romantic relationships, but friendships as well.

Friendships are supposed to be a fun, easy part of life, but they actually need constant nourishing too. The needs can be more simple – some people need to be reminded that they are loved or that they are appreciated, while some friendships revolve around going out and having fun. Whatever the needs are, if these aren’t met, feelings of resentment or being taken for granted could definitely start seeping through.

So then I asked my parents what they thought, and here were their very simple but important words of wisdom regarding friendship:

1) Just take it as it is

2) Have a variety of friends

3) Focusing on one friend is no good

4) Every relationship is best when it’s mutual

5) It better not be forced.

Moral of the story seems to be that friends have needs, and friendship is simple but complicated. Solid conclusion. Bye.

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