A Belated Thanksgiving Post

Continuing the New Hampshire trend, I spent my Thanksgiving day at my friend Joey‘s grandpa’s house, just near Dartmouth. I’ll keep this short and sweet – 1) the Fritz family is so much fun 2) I ate way more than anybody else including Joey who is six bajillion feet tall and 3) I am too lucky to have such wonderful friends.

IMG_9708IMG_9714 New favorite thing: Brussel SproutsIMG_9731 A super fresh, delicious saladIMG_9715Ya know, she’s just doin’ a lil’ jiggy while making some gravyIMG_9711I could eat these sweet potatoes for days. Honestly, they were absurd. If somebody offered me these, I would wed them immediately. IMG_9730Another thing to note was that we started our Thanksgiving “dinner” around 2PM, hence the strange lighting. And even then, it took me a few days before I was fully recovered.IMG_9720We were told this was a Chocolate Pecan Pie, but Joey and I were NOT prepared for the first bite of all that is good in this world.IMG_9660IMG_9735

Needless to say, I went on a health kick for the following week which lasted about 2 days until I ordered a calzone.

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