Leftover Pretty Food Pics

I feel like I’ve overused the phrase “food porn,” so I’m trying out something a little less vulgar.

Malibu Veg – Café Clementine in NYCIMG_9454Bibim Omelette -– Fresh SideIMG_9740Grilled Cheese – Johnny’s TavernIMG_8995Fried Squid aka Calamari – Johnny’s TavernIMG_8316Gorgonzola Bread – Johnny’s TavernIMG_8395Truffle Fries – Johnny’s TavernIMG_8398Gin Grapefruit – Johnny’s TavernIMG_8396Chicken Kebab – Shabbat(?) Dinner made by my Jew-ish Ladies St(ressler) and C-Jew IMG_9224Thai Chicken Salad and Mac N Cheese – PaneraIMG_9763Pumpkin Custard and Black Raspberry Ice Cream – J.P. Licks in Cambridge – that time we went to spontaneously went to see Tori Kelly!!!! Dear No One…IMG_9413Nachos – High HorseIMG_0016I kind of just wanted to throw this in somewhere at some point, but Party Pizza!! … no regrets just love!! IMG_8405Breakfast Sandwich made by yours trulyIMG_9155Classic Margherita Flatbread – Johnny’s TavernIMG_9034Chocolates from J-Star ❤IMG_9765Dim Sum lovin’ – Oriental FlavorIMG_9752Breakfast Flatbread – High HorseIMG_9746Chocolate Chunk w/ Raspberry Ice Cream – Bart’sIMG_9742Chicken Satay Pho – Miss SaigonIMG_9741And last but not least, a Buffalo Chicken Calzone – Bruno’sIMG_0053

As I mentioned briefly above in regards to the J.P. Licks ice cream, my friends and I went on a spontaneous trip to Cambridge to see Tori Kelly live!! She has the voice of an angel…BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY, SHE LOOKED AT ME AND SANG TO ME. Proof below. Dear No One. Don’t quit your daydreams…

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