Lotus Restaurant 연화방 : Sichuan in Seoul

If you know me or my family, you know that my dad has a really obsessive personality. He went through a phase where he would go to Japan all the time and just loved everything about it, to the extent that he thought no other country lived up to it, including our very own South Korea. That’s where I get my obsessive personality from, if you didn’t know already.

However, those days are now over, and while he still does appreciate Japanese culture, his new obsession is China. For a while, literally every waking moment when I was home, he would offer me this decades-old tea that he got from monks in China. Literally every second…even while I was already drinking a cup of the tea he had offered to me just ten seconds before.

Anyway, with this new obsession, he has opened a new, high-end restaurant on the north side of Seoul called Lotus Restaurant 연화방 (a little stereotypical of a name in English, but quite beautiful in Korean and Chinese). It is Sichuan-style cuisine, from the Sichuan province in the southwest region of China, where the food is known to be very spicy.  The dishes are all so flavorful and brightly colored, reflecting the spiciness. In fact, the peppers that make the food so spicy can also cause a numbing sensation. Spiciness, as long as you have a strong enough stomach for it, helps relieve stress. I’m also pretty sure it helps gets your blood flowing and keeps you alert, but that’s just my own theory.

China is the future, so why not start with cuisine!?

P.S. I’m really good at Chinese, so you should definitely start a conversation with me…

IMG_0501 IMG_3714 IMG_3712 IMG_3716 IMG_0585 IMG_3724 IMG_3723_2 IMG_3718 IMG_0584 IMG_3720 IMG_0582 IMG_3728 IMG_3730

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