Asperges: Fine French in Japan

Niseko Village in Hokkaido is pretty remote, so my family and I were surprised to find a French restaurant there, a Michelin-3-star no less.

Umm…so yeah…I’ll let the pictures (and captions) do the talking…

IMG_0660Amuse-bouche: Carrot mousse, raw oysters, mushroom and consommé flan – fun fact: Amuse-bouche translates literally to fun mouth or amuse mouth, which it most certainly did !!IMG_0685Salad made of 20 kinds of vegetables with Nanatsuboshi rice from Biei-cho – essentially a really colorful, fresh salad with rice at the bottom as a reward for eating all of that healthy stuff IMG_0686Soft Shell Crab IMG_0688Sautéed Abalone from Hokkaido along with Squid Ink Risotto – quote from my little brother: “So, are we eating a squid’s poop?”IMG_0690Tea Sorbet – it’s common for sorbet to make an appearance between courses to cleanse and refresh the mouth IMG_0702Beef Filet Poeler from Hokkaido seasoned with Wasabi and Bordelaise sauce + Gratin dauphinois – beautiful fusion of French and JapaneseIMG_0692 Pumpkin Brûlée – be jealous!!~~*~**~IMG_0703Vacherin: Meringue, banana ice cream, pineapple, gold flakes, mint, sugar crisps – actually a pretty simple dessert made fancy with the goldIMG_0715 If you for one reason or another find yourself at that obscure mountain in Japan, Asperges is absolutely worth the visit. What a mouthgasm.

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