How to Make Val Decent, Take 6: Grilled Cheeses

A good grilled cheese can be one of the most simple yet delicious things you can make.

I’ve discovered two really good grilled cheeses that are easy to make in Val:


-) Turkey, Provolone (I prefer Cheddar bc the Provolone can be a little shady sometimes), Pesto, Tomatoes, and butter on the panini’d bread

IMG_1348-) Buffalo Chicken Grilled Cheese – Cut up chicken breast (the pre-cut in the Salad Bar is easy if you’re lazy…it’ll taste the same as the Lighter Side one), Cheddar cheese, Mozzarella cheese from the Salad Bar, and Red Hot Sauce. IMG_9644

The key is to panini long enough so that the cheese is melted all the way.

Although my friend Joey offered me money, I am willing to make you a sandwich…for free. Fuck Feminism!! (kidding…)

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