Spring Break at Kiawah Island: Golf, Sea, but Mostly Dinners

IMG_3871For my last spring break, I was lucky enough to visit Kiawah Island in South Carolina. It’s known as the place that hosted the PGA Championship in 2012, but it’s also home to gorgeous ocean views and marshlands.

We were hosted by the WONDERFUL Bernstein family at their gorgeous home, where we were fed some unreal meals. Apparently what we got was only Mrs. Bernstein’s “B” game, so if we had gotten her “A” game, I probably would have actually spontaneously or not-so spontaneously combusted.

Among the many and endless meals, we got dinner on the beach, ridiculous snickerdoodles baked by my teammate CJ’s little sister, saliva-inducing ribs, and even hot chocolate after a particularly rough round of golf.

But honestly, while the food and golf were all top-notch, I got the most from Mrs. Bernstein’s words of wisdom (I swear she should write a self-help book or something.)

One piece of advice that stuck in particular was “If you don’t feel 100% about yourself, no one can feel 100% about you. If you feel 90% about yourself, he can’t fill in that 10% about you.” She was talking specifically about romantic interests, but I think that’s just true when it comes to any sort of relationship or any state of being. There’s really nobody who can fill in parts of you that aren’t complete. The whole “you complete me” doesn’t strike me as rational. I think the healthiest sorts of friendships and relationships happen when two people who are 100% coexist together happily. If they are able to be together, it’s beautiful. But if the two people find themselves following different paths, it’s okay because at least they’re able to be whole and complete on their own or with somebody else.

Anyway, feast your eyes on some Bernstein culinary magic. IMG_0197 IMG_0190 IMG_0244 IMG_0292 IMG_0461 IMG_0761 IMG_0715 IMG_0336 IMG_0564 IMG_0457 IMG_0577 IMG_0712 IMG_0293 IMG_0357 IMG_0289 IMG_0570 IMG_0762

“It’s all about being around the dinner table.”

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