22 Things to Keep in Mind

1. Let each friend give you something different. Having one “best friend” who gives you everything is a lot of pressure to put on one person.

2. There are some things you just won’t ever get an explanation or closure for. It’s absolutely one of the hardest things for me to do, but just let it go (I have yet to do so.)

3. It’s never too late to meet new, awesome people. I certainly wish I had met some people a lot earlier.

4. Coffee for what you can control, wine for what you can’t.

5. Not everything is about you.

6. Be there for your friends.

7. When it comes to romantic interests, don’t play games. Just be straight-up. It’s hard to do because it puts you and the other person at risk of being vulnerable, but it’s only fair to both of you.

8. On a similar note, let yourself be vulnerable. You have to risk your heart sometimes.

9. If you stop trying, they’ll stop trying.

10. Happiness is choosing to be happy with what you have.

11. You can never, EVER be too kind.

12. Don’t let yourself live in regret. Just do it.

13. I promise you, literally everybody else is just as “busy” and “stressed” as you are. Some just choose not to talk about it as much.

14. Praise in public, punish in private. It’s really really shitty to put people down in public.

15. Don’t use people. They can usually tell when you are, whether they acknowledge it or not.

16. Remember to have fun. It may not be your priority, but you deserve it.

17. If one of your friends is into somebody that you don’t necessarily find attractive, don’t judge them for it.

18. If you like someone or have a crush on them, tell them!!!! Before it’s too late!!

19. Things will not always go as planned. Life and people can really surprise/impress/disappoint you.

20. It really hurts to be rejected. So if you’re in the position of rejecting somebody, remember to take their feelings into consideration and try to be as kind as possible without leading them on.

21. Things will eventually go your way.

22. It’s soooooo overused, but everything happens for a reason. I promise!!!!

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