Eataly: Heaven on Earth

One of my favorite places in New York that involves food is Eataly. But I guess food is my favorite, so it’s just one of my favorite places in general. 

ANYWAY, if you love Italian food or just food in general, you will love Eataly. It’s essentially another magical creation by Mario Batali, with a huge marketplace and filled with different restaurants and stations. There’s a vegetable-themed restaurant, a pasta and pizza area, a charcuterie area, a Nutella café, where everything is Nutella, and a zillion other little eateries within.

Marketplace plus if you look a little farther back, the Charcuterie plaza!!
One word: Nutella

It’s the perfect place to take somebody if they are visiting New York for the first time or if you can’t decide where to go and you want somewhere moderately priced and tons of fun. It’s also right by the Flatiron building and Madison Square Park, so that’s a little bit of NY touristy fun for you.

I also highly recommend the paninis, just by the Gelateria – the day I got back from Korea, absolutely jetlagged and out of my mind, I still made the trip to Eataly so that my first meal back would be the Bufala Panini.

Charcuterie Plate
La Bufala
Seafood at the Il Pesce (the fish area)

IMG_0585 IMG_1966

Italy is Eataly.

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