Mi Casa es Casa Mono

My dad, the only person who cares about food more than I do, had been pressuring me to go to Casa Mono & Bar Jamon for the longest time. I finally made it there with my friend CJ at the end of summer and now I would say it’s one of the best restaurants in New York City.

It’s a small, Spanish tapas restaurant, with an open kitchen and in good weather, open doors, letting in fresh air and adding to the already mellow yet sophisticated ambiance.

I may be a little bit melodramatic, but the food was seriously perfect. PERFECT.

photo 1
Heirloom Tomato and Juicy Peach Salad w. Mono Crema and Saffron Tomatoes

The tomato dish was fresh and flavorful.

photo 2
Chilled Shrimp al Ajillo w/ Zucchini Pancake and Sungold tomatoes

I believe we decided that this one was our favorite out of the four. Very VERY flavorful. I’m salivating just thinking about it.

photo 3
Pulpo w/ Fennel and Grapefruit

I actually didn’t know what Fennel was, but it’s a plant that can be very fresh and flavorful paired with the right ingredients. The octopus was also perfectly grilled.

photo 4
Don’t remember exact name, but I believe this included some form of Pork belly with a fried egg and cured meat.

Super savory and very Spanish.\

My friend and I shared these four dishes, and it ended up being surprisingly filling, but not in a gross, I-feel-bloated-I-need-yogurt-and-probiotics way. Sort of hard to get reservations here, but I’m not surprised. Perfect for a one-on-one meal, a nice place to take your parents, or a date. Can’t wait to go again and try EVERYTHING on the menu!!! Maybe with a wine pairing next time 😛

52 Irving Pl, New York City, NY (Right by Union Square)

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