Lafayette: A French Brunch

While I wish I had crossed the Atlantic this past weekend, I stayed in the city and did what every 22 year-old does on a Sunday – brunch.

In terms of food and atmosphere, this was definitely one of the best brunches I’ve experienced.

It helped that it was a beautiful day outside, with the sun lighting up the clearest sky I had seen in a while, with just a touch of Autumn cool. As I got closer to the restaurant Grand Cafe Lafayette, I saw the sun beat down on the lovely blue umbrellas covering tables of happy and hungover people.

I walked in and the interior was full of natural light, with a French style bakery on the side where people can take fresh pastries to go, while the rest of the restaurant was lively with chitter chatter.

unnamed interior

My friends and I ordered the Assorted Pastry Basket to share, and oh my god, these baked goods are called baked GOODS for a reason. The croissants were delicate and buttery and then there was a muffin that was drizzled with some heavenly frosting. It was the perfect portion to split with four people.

photo 1 (3)

I ordered a Soft Scramble Au Pistou (Pesto), brioche, tomato. I had originally planned on taking advantage of the fact that I was out and order something I couldn’t cook for myself, but this scramble was definitely worth it. It was very flavorful and savory but also very fresh. The brioche paired with the pesto oil … drooling just reliving those bites. photo 2 (3) I had made a reservation about 1-2 weeks in advance for Sunday brunch, so if you want to go, plan ahead. Highly recommend Lafayette.


380 Lafayette Street
New York, NY 10003

(NoHo near NYU, East Side)


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