A Lil’ Appetite Uppity

If you’re bored at home on a lazy Sunday, this is the perfect thing for you!!! No words, just photos (sort of)! Here are some tasty things I’ve eaten recently:

Frenchie Burger – DBGB


Peppero – my friend Flora made these for a few of us for 11/11, which is Peppero day in Korea. They’re little breadsticks covered in chocolate, and you can imagine, two of them together look like 11, hence 11/11.  IMG_3594

Grilled Cheese w/ Pickled Onions – made by yours truly at a Grilled Cheese making class at Murray’s CheeseIMG_3400

Naya Express – great lunch break Mediterranean foodIMG_3327 Buffalo Chicken Sandwich – Café Hestia IMG_3577 Egg Sandwich Special – MudIMG_3861Korean Nachos – Broadway BitesIMG_3328Pesto pasta w Sautéed veggies and Prosciutto – yours truly 🙂IMG_3887

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