Sun’s Out, Buns Out!!

I don’t think I’ve actually eaten a “bun” in a while, but the sun is out! And this bun is in no shape to be out yet because of all of the below:

Uni Soba – Sobaya, East Village – cold buckwheat noodles in a soy sauce broth, perfect for warmer weatherIMG_8424 Red Velvet + Cream Cheese Ice Cream Sandwich – Madison Square EatsIMG_8484 Korean Spicy Pork Nachos – Madison Square EatsIMG_8479Blue Velvet Waffle + Mint Chocolate Ice Cream – Mikey Likes It Ice Cream – a very simplified ice cream shop that focuses on the ice cream and waffles…but honestly, it’s ALL ABOUT THE WAFFLE WOWIMG_8394 Maine Lobster Roll – Madison Square EatsIMG_8467 Cuban Sandwich – Sophie’s CubanIMG_8093 Spaghetti – Scarpetta – super simple, but the dish to get IMG_8126 I can’t find the name of this anywhere, but just show them this picture because this is what you need to order – Bar PrimiIMG_7867 THE BEST THING IN THE WORLD BUFFALO CALAMARI – Gilligan’s Clam Bar and Grill, Pomona, NY – just a short trip outside of the city, honestly one of my favorite restaurants IMG_8248 Lobster Pizza – Gilligan’s Clam Bar and GrillIMG_8247 + Lobster Bisque, Oysters… – Gilligan’s Clam Bar and Grill IMG_8245Uni Bibimbap – Goggan – I honestly doubt “high end” Korean restaurants, but this was very unexpectedly good IMG_7886 String bean casserole, Chili, Mac N Cheese – Hill Country BBQ – BBQ is one of my new obsessionsIMG_7955 Steak “Salad” – Bouchon Bakery, Time Warner CenterIMG_8211 Omakase – Zenkichi, Williamsburg – very good quality Japanese/OmakaseIMG_8260

P.S. You’re doing OK. You’re making all of the right moves and even if they seem wrong right now, they’ll get you to where you need to be.

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