Roaming Around Rome and Milano

I would argue that Italian food is the most universally liked food in the world.

Italy, like Greece and South Korea, is on a peninsula. With that in effect, Italian, Greek, and Korean culture are all very similar. We’re very family-oriented, hot tempered, but warm and hospitable. And the food is the best! This might be why whenever I visit Italy, I feel a sense of comfort and ease with the people more so than when I visit other countries. Do you disagree?!

Italian food is one of the few cuisines where the simpler, the better. And I shall apply that philosophy to this post: the simpler, the better. Rome and Milan!!

Fun fact: Italian food often mirrors the colors of the Italian flag…  o_O

L1000505 L1000481 L1000480 L1000459L1000436L1000431L1000461L1000458L1000468L1000466L1000479L1000501L1000504

My favorite restaurant was in Milan. It was a very simple trattoria called Il Tavolino, right near the train station. It was completely authentic and casual, but the food was UNREAL. I dream about that pizza. I also fell in love with the guy who made the pizza. He unfortunately drove away in his Vespa in the rain – a romantic image intself, but alas, I was not meant to be with the pizza man.

IMG_2313 IMG_2304IMG_2301

And with that, my Euro trip was over. But I’ll be traveling around again in no time…you can’t stop me!!!

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