Ratatouille, Oui Oui

This quintessential French dish has become one of my favorites since coming to France. My host mother in Tours and my host mother in Paris both make exquisite versions of it. Ratatouille is a super-healthy vegetarian dish – simply cooked vegetables in a tomato-based sauce, served hot. I don’t usually like cooked vegetables, but I … More Ratatouille, Oui Oui

La Ferrandaise

WHAT A WEEKEND. You thought I was about to write about Oktoberfest, DIDN’T YOU?? Ha! That’ll be the NEXT post homie. As a preview of how great Oktoberfest was going to be, however unrelated this meal was, my friend Evelyn’s parents (they’re the most fantastic combination of Brooklyn-trendy and Paris-chic, along with some witty humor) … More La Ferrandaise