Angelina Ballerina

Angelina Ballerina becomes Angelina Fat Ballerina at Angelina’s in Paris. Angelina is my pseudonym and I’m secretly a ballerina, therefore, I am getting fat in Paris. Just kidding (no I’m not kidding). The signature item on the menu is the Chocolat Chaud au Chocolat Blanc or White Hot Chocolate. The first time I went was … More Angelina Ballerina

Guy Savoy: Doesn’t Sound the Way It’s Spelled

Guy Savoy (Gee but not like Golly Gee, Sahvwah) is a Michelin 3-Star (5 star on any other scale) restaurant I went to last night. It was absolutely spectacular. The best restaurants obviously have the best food; the purpose of a restaurant is to feed the customer. But what really separates the best from the … More Guy Savoy: Doesn’t Sound the Way It’s Spelled

MacarOns vs. MacarOOns

Can we get something straight here? MacarOns and MacarOOns are two very different things. You pronounce them the way you spell them, but they are not the same thing people!! I want to rip my hair out anytime anybody gets it wrong because macarOns are twenty thousand times more spectacular than macarOOns. MacarOOns have two … More MacarOns vs. MacarOOns