For Your Viewing Pleasure

Life without food is like a broken pencil: pointless. ^^ can also be used as a pick-up line Food at Amherst. Ok, bye. If you want to know more specifically what something is and where something is from, just message me because I’m too lazy right now to label everything.

How to Make Val Decent, Take 6: Grilled Cheeses

A good grilled cheese can be one of the most simple yet delicious things you can make. I’ve discovered two really good grilled cheeses that are easy to make in Val:   -) Turkey, Provolone (I prefer Cheddar bc the Provolone can be a little shady sometimes), Pesto, Tomatoes, and butter on the panini’d bread … More How to Make Val Decent, Take 6: Grilled Cheeses

Leftover Pretty Food Pics

I feel like I’ve overused the phrase “food porn,” so I’m trying out something a little less vulgar. Malibu Veg – Café Clementine in NYCBibim Omelette -– Fresh SideGrilled Cheese – Johnny’s TavernFried Squid aka Calamari – Johnny’s TavernGorgonzola Bread – Johnny’s TavernTruffle Fries – Johnny’s TavernGin Grapefruit – Johnny’s TavernChicken Kebab – Shabbat(?) Dinner … More Leftover Pretty Food Pics