One Year Later

Just a year ago, I was lounging around in my dorm room, napping on various patches of grass on various parts of campus, worrying only about whether I should go to 4:30 dinner or do a double meal  before I went to go drink.

It’s Easier to Write When You’re Sad

I’ve recently had very little to write about. Usually, when I run out of food-related things, I usually turn to semi-angsty posts about friendship, love, and life. But I just haven’t felt the need to express anything through writing, which I usually use as a cathartic exercise. It’s just easier to write when you’re sad, … More It’s Easier to Write When You’re Sad

A Spring Evening

There’s no time more enchanting than a spring evening. Those nights that are just on the cusp of summer, with a slight breeze just cool enough to sigh by your bare legs, and the air just humid enough to breathe in the delicate aroma of the shy blossoms that are slowly peeking out of the … More A Spring Evening