Pho 14

Not sure why the it’s called “Pho 14,” considering a number of things, such as that it’s in the 13th arrondissement, not the 14th… Regardless, 14 is one of my favorite numbers so I’m okay with it. I made the trek out to the 13th this chilly but lovely Saturday. I had never been there … More Pho 14

Le Yummy Food Porn

I eat a lot. Kouignette – mini-butter cake from Brittany – caramel salted butter – Georges Larnicol Pork cooked in Ratatouille – Homemade Deemed “Le Meilleur Flan de Paris” (The Best Flan in Paris) – L’Autre Boulange White Truffle Hazelnut Macaron – Pierre Hermé Creme Brulee Macaron – Pierre Hermé The two macarons above plus … More Le Yummy Food Porn

Mirror of Erised

It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live, remember that. Dumbledore has it right there. I think I’m personally very, very guilty of doing just that. I have a very strong tendency to dwell, and it’s been my biggest struggle and obstacle while abroad. And I mean “dwell” in every sense … More Mirror of Erised