Fuck You, February

I think the thing about February is that it comes right after January. While that may be one of the dumbest sentences I’ve ever written, it’s true. We go into January with new ambitions and expectations that are common with the start of the new year. We expect that things will change drastically and that … More Fuck You, February

Sushi and Skiing

Over break, I had the most wonderful vacation visiting Niseko Village in Japan, a ski area right by Sapporo. My schedule was as follows: Breakfast buffet Slopes Lunch buffet Slopes Onsen (hot springs) – amazing minerals for your skin and super relaxing !! Dinner at a given delicious restaurant Sleep (gain weight) We were there … More Sushi and Skiing

Eating at Home

Contrary to popular belief, my favorite place to eat is at home. I do love going out to different restaurants and trying foods that are harder to recreate at home, but ultimately, I love just wandering over to the dining table in my pajamas and staying at the table for hours.And honestly, homecooked meals are … More Eating at Home